Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Easing Your Confusion and An Apology

First, a sincere apology for our posting - things have been quite busy here. We will have some Klugman videos up within the next few weeks, thanks to one of our readers. We apologize for not being as present as we should, because - like you - we love Jack.

Since we haven't done one of these kind of posts in awhile, here we go.

This is Jack Klugman - noted actor, comedian, and spokesman for early treatment of oral cancer. He is best known for playing Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple He is a great guy, an excellent actor, and someone who is worthy of worship. Hence, we created the "Church of Klugman" in his honor.

This is Vic Tayback - another noted character actor. He is best known for playing Mel, the wacky cook on Alice, and played some dumb guys on The Monkees. To our knowledge, he is OK, but he's no Jack - he's not even Al "Sexy Boy" Molinaro. However, there is someone who will create a church for him. We think he and Jack may have been at the same celebrity roast, but are not sure.

For the person who e-mailed us confused about Tayback vs. Jack - we hope this helps. Otherwise, we will try to keep more up-to-date.

Thank you for reading. Now, it's time for pie and coffee!!!!

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Roger Owen Green said...

come to my blog on Monday - Jack reference