Thursday, October 20, 2005

Six Degrees of Klugman

This is a game you can play when you are bored. Allegedly, you can trace any actor back to Kevin Bacon, who (to the best of our knowledge) is not made of bacon.

However, that seems rather lame, so we here at the Church of Klugman feel that, given Mr. Klugman's status as dramatic actor, comedic presence, and strong advocate, it is much better to play the Six Degrees of Klugman game. Any actor, taken at random, can be traced back to Klugman.

For example, Jonathon Frakes, aka "Commander Riker" on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Co-starred as a doctor on Quincy with our man, Jack Klugman

Meaning that 1) He is cool, 2) He has worked with our idol, and 3) he has one more Klugman point than Patrick Stewart.

(For more information about Quincy, click here)

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