Monday, October 15, 2007

We Need Jack on TV!

First, we are on Twitter and MySpace, if you are into those kind of things.

However, we at the Church of Klugman have checked out the new fall season, and we don't like the new shows.

No Jack Klugman.

Grey's Anatomy - basically, instead of McDreamy and McSteamy, we should have McKlugman and McRandall. Patrick Dempsey is kind of a wussy. We need Jack!

Two And A Half Men - OK, Charlie Sheen channels Klugman, but he's a poor substitute.

Same with Chris Noth on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

But the more we watch, the more we realize that we need Jack, now more than ever. (And no, Mike Sterling, Jack Benny is not a substitute.)

Although we think the new Bionic Woman is kind of cute and hot. She should date the Blog THIS, Pal! guy

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