Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year - Make it Jack!

First, we partied a little too much on steak and bourbon, but we want to wish you a belated New Year!

We also encourage you to make it the year that you begin to worship Jack - why?

  • He was a pioneering actor during the golden age of television.
  • His work on The Odd Couple with Tony Randall showed that two men could live together without driving each other insane.
  • His pioneering work on Quincy showed him to be the moral voice of a generation.
  • He can push around wussies like William Shatner.

So, make this the year you commit to Jack...especially if you're a cheater pants. Jack doesn't like cheater pants.

1 comment:

NottsLass said...

I just watched an old episode of Diagnosis Murder here in England, and the great man was in it, albeit with his voice starting to go, so I thought I would try to find out if he was still with us. Gladly he appears to be! Shall be putting Church of K on our next census (everyone else who wants to be a pain here just puts Jedi!)

The clip is priceless. Can you put some more on please!