Friday, June 16, 2006

Jack's Not Happy

Like Jack, we are concerned - we were looking up people who were "cheater pants", and found out that Mike Sterling is a big "cheater pants".

No steak and bourbon for you, Mike. And Jack is not amused.

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another famous jack said...

I am a nephew of The Warne Bros. named after Jack warner, I have been fighting throat neck and tongue cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

I saw Jack on Connan last night.


I found a method to get voice!

I can even sing now, not much but I can.

I am not out for your moeny like the person you mentioned on Connan's show.

This is like rosin for a violin bow, and enables the vocal cords although damaged from surgery and radiation, and throat tissues around the pharynx to help generate vocal tones again.

I still get dry and lose my voice if I use it too much, like sing too loud, or too many songs to fast, and not keep adding to my throat this one and only brand of soda pop.

I tried them all, I have tried to make other mixes. Nothing works but one type pf and brand of pop.

Shear coincidence is how I found it when I got out of the nursing home. I wanted to taste it so bad, and the first brand which I liked a lot tasted to horrible I spit it out and it was a long time before trying again. People could not understand or hear me for a long time.

The craveing came back again and I decided to try another brand, in about 15 minutes after sipping it since I couldnt actually swallow, the tone quality in my throat greatly improved.

Being famous you and I both do not want to give private info out, and I dont have much time today, I crated an account here, "jackV" for a blog page, and if you get back to me there we can then work out a connection and I can tell you my secret and why it's a secret. Like you I don't want to pay out, allready it costs me $1.00 per day for voice, and like gas may go up for false shortages of this brand of pop.

Many others with head and neck cancers who had damage to their voice from radiation and lost saliva glands have also gained better tone quality and voice with this pop too...