Friday, December 09, 2005

To Help Ease Your Confusion # 6

Another in our continuing series:

This is Jack Klugman - actor, author, bon vivant, and all around swell guy. The kind of guy who deserves to have a blog of his own, and does, thanks to Major League Baseball.

This is Andy Martello, who is a comedian, juggles, and has a strange fascination with penguins. Plus, we have a video recommendation for him. He likes women, though, so that's OK.

This is Bono from the band U2. He also should watch this video.

One major difference - Jack doesn't smoke. That should tell you something right there.

Hope this has made a difference.


Roger Owen Green said...

So does Jack know about the Church of Klugman? If not, are you too shy to tell him?

Church of Klugman said...

I do not know if Mr. Klugman knows about this blog - however, if he found out and believed it to be detrimental to his career, and/or needlessly insulting, it would cease.

We have that much respect for Mr. Klugman.

And yes, we are too shy to tell him.

Andy Land said...

Thanks for the plug.

As for the video, I'll pass. I've no need for anti-smoking propaganda. I don't smoke cigarettes and I rarely smoke cigars these days.

However I think those that do indulge should be allowed to enjoy them so long as they are of legal smoking age and capable of living their lives however they want.

But your concern is indeed touching and in return there's a t-shirt you should buy.


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